Monday, November 17, 2008

Gems From This Month's Harper's Index

  • Percentage by which the $750 billion bailout exceeds the total U.S. GDP of a century ago, adjusted for inflation: 50
  • Percentage by which it exceeds the cost of the entire New Deal: 33
  • Factor by which it exceeds the cost of the 1990 savings-and-loan bailout: 3
(Source: Harpers' Magazine, December 2008)


Joel said...

Alonf those lines, I recently Updated Huey Longs "Share Our Wealth Proposal" from 1934 to 2008 dollars. Here it is
- Cap personal assets at $800 Million
- Limit annual income to $16 Million
- Limit inheritances to $80 Million per person
- Guarantee every family an annual income of $32000

He also propsed free college and vocational trainjing, old age pensions for people over 60, veterans benefits and healthcare, a 30 hour work week, a 4 week vacation for every worker

I think the limits on income and wealth are quite generous, don't you?

Discovered Wild Fruit said...

Well, I would certainly be at no risk of getting my wealth capped under Long's proposal.

The rest is not too far from what European countries provide their citizens.